Menukaart ENG

soto ajam chicken soup 6,50
loempia semarang 2 spring rolls filled with bamboo and chicken 5,50
loempia vegetarian 2 spring rolls filled with bamboo, vegetables and egg 5,50
pangsit goreng 6 crispy wraps filled with prawn and chicken paste 6,00
dadar isi egg pancake filled with spiced meat 7,00

nasi rames
including: nasi poetih or nasi goreng, rendang, smoor babi, sate babi, sajoer, s.g. telor,
atjar, kroepoek (also vegetarian nasi rames possible)

nasi rames didong 19,50
including: nasi poetih or nasi goreng, rendang, ajam katjang mété, sate ajam,
sajoeran harian, s.g. telor, atjar, emping

rijsttafel didong (for two people) 52,50
nasi poetih or nasi goreng, rendang, smoor babi, sate ajam, sate babi, ajam katjang mété,
sajoer, kredok, atjar, s.g. telor, tahoe telor, roedjak manis (also available as vegetarian)

rendang beef in spicy coconut sauce 9,50
daging peteh ketjap beef and peteh beans in ketjap sauce 9,50
smoor babi pork in ketjap sauce 9,50
babi pangang grilled pork 12,50
kambing bakar 3 grilled lamb chops with ketjap sauce 13,50
ajam pangang merah grilled marinated chicken 11,50
ajam katjang mété ketjap chicken and cashew nuts 11,50
ajam padang chicken in koenjit and coconut sauce 11,50
ajam pedis chicken in spicy sauce 11,50
s.g. peteh oedang prawns and peteh beans in sambal goreng sauce 11,50
ikan padang white fish in koenjit coconut sauce 11,50
ikan bamboe bali mackerel in sambal sauce 11,50

sate babi 3 skewers of pork in sate sauce 6,90
sate ajam 3 skewers of chicken in sate sauce 6,90
sate ikan 2 skewers of white fish with ketjap sauce 5,50
sate manis 2 skewers of sweet pork 5,50
sate kambing 3 skewers of lamb with ketjap sauce 8,40

vegetables and tahoe
sajoer lodeh vegetables in coconut sauce 7,50
gado gado vegetables with sate sauce, egg and kroepoek 8,50
kredok raw vegetables with nut sauce and emping 7,50
s.g. laboe siam indonesian pumpkin, green beans and baby corn 8,00
sajoeran harian vegetables of the day 7,00
tahoe telor omelet with tahoe, vegetables and ketjap/sate sauce 7,50
terong blado spicy egg plant 7,00
roedjak manis fruit salad with tamarinde sauce 7,50
rice and bami
nasi poetih boiled white rice 3,25
nasi goreng spicy fried rice 4,50
nasi koening yellow rice 4,75
lontong sticky rice 4,00
bami goreng thin fried bami 4,75

kroepoek prawn crackers 2,50
emping belindjonut crackers 2,50
s.g. telor boiled egg in s.g. sauce 3,00
atjar ketimoen sweet and sour indonesian cucumber 3,00
seroendeng roasted grated coconut and peanuts 2,50
s.g. kentang grated and in sambal fried potato 2,50
s.g. tempeh in sambal fried tempeh 3,50
satesaus sate sauce 2,50
combination of seroendeng, s.g. kentang, s.g. tempeh 3,50
Loempia pisang (2 pcs) springroll lled with banana 5,00

Some of the (vegetable) dishes may contain shrimp paste. Gluten free food is available, but can contain traces of gluten. Feel free to ask for the options.